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About us

About us

Hona Al Quds English is committed to report on events and issues from Jerusalem targeted towards an international audience. Through feature stories it gives an insight into the daily lives of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem, which is currently underrepresented in the international media coverage.


Hona Al Quds English is the sister website of Hona Al Quds Arabic ( Both websites are politically independent and administered by the Institute of Modern Media, Al Quds University.



The aim of Hona Al Quds English is to present the daily lives of Palestinian Jerusalemites. We cover Human Interest stories related to current political developments from the perspective of the community in East Jerusalem in particular and the West Bank and Gaza in addition. In doing so, we want to allow an international audience to grasp this reality.


We also aim to bring international attention to the unique situation of the Palestinian population in Jerusalem.


Code of ethics:

  • All content on Hona Al Quds English is based on International Humanitarian Law. This approach provides a base for objective journalism within a complex reality.


  • Hona Al Quds English refrains from any political, religious or commercial bias and strives to represent the diversity within the Jerusalem community in a truthful and accurate way.


  • The contributors to Hona Al Quds English adhere to the journalistic values of honesty, fairness, balance, independence, transparency, professionalism, credibility and diversity.