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Al Quds Bard Honors College for Arts and Sciences will be hold training days for students from the Palestinian Red Crescent volunteers

in date Thursday 24/7/2014


JERUSALEM - A group of volunteers from Al Quds Bard College and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society would like to carry out a maneuver training in the college, which will included a simulation of possible injuries. It is an exposure to protocols and essential to the work of ambulance services and evacuations of the wounded in times of emergency and confrontation,which included cases of rescue if you have fallen from heights, and/or suffocation with tear gas .

The aim of this training is the adoption of the principles of automatic and direct dealing with emergency situations. This will be by simulating real  exercises with showcases of some short films of the suffering of the students and staff at the university. As for the transfer of the facts and the facts that will be documented; the film is a product of the ideas and the talents and abilities of young people and volunteers. A number of situations that may expose students and staff in the daily life at Al Quds University, which relates to the practices of the occupation against the universities students and staff .

As the Palestinian Red Crescent Society kindly provides Al Quds Bard College's portfolio with First Aid containing all basic aid changes, which was supervised by the training and rehabilitation of a group of college students. They will become qualified paramedics to work in emergency situations and they are: Ahmed Dajani,Enmity Taiti,Sawsan Abussnana,Alian Attia,Bayan Pharon, Luma sublaban , Hanin Sandouka and Makram Jaber.

They have participated in First Aid drills at Al Quds University from Tariq Jitan,Mujahid E'oissat,Mustafa Tobal,Mohammed Khanafseh,Muyad Ghoul and Farah Erekat.

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