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Academic Coordination between the Institute of Business and Economics and College of Business at Staffordshire in England

in date Thursday 24/7/2014

Professors Carol Southhall and Ian Jackson from the College of Business at Staffordshire University in England are currently visiting the Institute of Business and Economics.

The main objective of the visit is to deliver intensive lectures to graduate students at the IBE.

While Professor Carl Southhall lectures on Entrepreneurship of Tourism, Professor Ian Jackson   lectures on The Economic Foundations of Entrepreneurship.

Professor  Eljafari and  Dr. Hazboun will continue lecturing on these courses during next semester.  A new track/concentration of Entrepreneurial Business as part of the MBA program has already been developed at the IBE.

It is anticipated that two Professors from England will visit the IBE next April to deliver lectures on a seminar on Entrepreneurial Marketing and Entrepreneurial Finance.      


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