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Western Wall Tunnels tour

in date Thursday 24/7/2014


The Centre for Jerusalem Studies - Al-Quds University, directed by G. Director Huda Al Imam, conducted a tour under the Old City of Jerusalem last Thursday 19th of April, guided by Mr. Robin Abu Shamseyh, a certified guide and a student of MA programme in Jerusalem Studies - Al-Quds University.

The tour started from the Mamluk venue, Khan Tankaz, towards the Western Wall of the Old City. Going through the tunnels which threaten the foundations of Al Aqsa Mosque area due to the excavations. The digs began in 1981 extending from the western wall of Al Aqsa mosque 450 meters northwards to Damascus Gate. This sparked the Tunnel Intifada of 1996 which led to the martyrdom of over ninety Palestinians.



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