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Easter Rituals in Jerusalem

in date Thursday 24/7/2014


The Centre for Jerusalem Studies -  Al-Quds University, directed by G. Director Huda Al Imam, conducted a tour of Easter Rituals guided by Mr. Robin Abu Shamseyh, a certified guide and a student of  MA programme in Jerusalem Studies - Al-Quds University,starting from  Dominus Flevit Church, all Nation church and St Mary's Tomb in the Mount of Olives. The tour continued towards the Old City, where they visited St Anne's Church inside Lions Gate, then they walked along the 14th stations of Via Dolorosa reaching the tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

One of the participants Tom Gumpel , a holder of Ph.D. in Special Education and a researcher, mentioned that it was an excellent, knowledgeable  and one of the best tours he had attended.
CJS Al-Quds Tours, Jerusalem  from a Palestinian perspective, conduct weekly tours in Palestine in general and Jerusalem in particular.

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